The Future of Work team held a session on approaches to conversations about the four different work modes and a demonstration of the Work Mode Assignment Tool, now available to supervisors. 

00:00 - Intro and Session Overview

01:56 - Demo of Work Mode Assignment Tool

10:08 - When does the future of work begin? Why do we need to identify work modes now when physical presence on our sites is still limited by COVID restrictions for safety?

12:51 - When does this conversation need to happen and who begins it?

14:17 - What tools and resources does the Lab have to help me think about how to determine my and my employee’s work mode? 

17:23 - As a supervisor, what am I responsible for doing?

19:25 - As a supervisor, why do I need to have a conversation with my direct reports about work modes instead of defaulting to what we did before the pandemic?

20:55 - How are business needs defined?

22:51 - As an employee, what if I have concerns with the work mode my supervisor has assigned to me?

24:36 - How often should conversations happen about modes of work?

25:54 - As an employee, what am I responsible for doing with regard to my work mode assignment?

27:24 - As a supervisor, how do I determine what work modes are possible for a new job posting?

30:11 - Once a work mode has been determined for my position, how likely is it that the work mode will change?

32:10 - How does the Lab’s commitment to IDEA fit into the work mode determination process? What does equitable decision-making mean in this process, especially when individuals hold the same job title?

36:13 - What are considerations for early career staff as it pertains to work modalities?

37:31 - As a supervisor, why is it important for me to consider flexibility?

43:36 - Will the Lab consider alternative work schedules as part of Flexible Work Options in the future?

Flexible Work Toolkit

Work Mode Assignment Tool

Instructions for the Work Mode Assignment Tool

Flexible Work Toolkit (abridged)